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When to have a sale…

Its always tough to decide when to have a sale.  There is a lot of skepticism around offering products or services at a discount. When this strategy is used as a short term and occasional tactic to boost sales it can do more good than harm to businesses.

People are drawn to items on sale. Given two products that are very similar in terms of features, customers will almost always choose the item that is cheaper.

Here are a few reasons why small business owners should not be afraid of offering discounts:

  • Increase In Traffic Giving discounts for a limited time attracts customers into your store/business and most likely tempt them into buying right away.
  • Increase In Sales Increased traffic generally comes with an increase in sales. Getting customers to your shop/business and influencing them to buy is not only confined to items on sale but also to regular-priced items.
  • Sales Targets Are Met  There are strong seasonal fluctuations in consumer buying, you can help minimise those lean seasons by giving discounts. This way, you can help meet your financial goals.
  • Stronger Client Relationships Giving your customers great value can help improve their loyalty to you. This is especially true for first time buyers who were influenced to try your products . Once consumers have tested your products/services, you can often repeat business and begin to build a client relationship and can also generate word of mouth.

If you continue to offer high quality products and provide great customer service, not just providing cheap services/products as your sales items, your business can go a long way.

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